Welcome to the ALRB E-file webpage

E-filing is an optional method to filing with the Board.  All other methods of service (facsimile, postal service, and personal service) remain valid.  When e-filing documents with the Board, the party must send the document to Efile@ALRB.ca.gov and follow the instructions below.

If you are an agricultural worker, bargaining representative or company who wants to file a new unfair labor practice charge or allegation, please do not use the ALRB e-filing system. New unfair labor practice charges should instead be filed with one of the ALRB’s Regional Offices. Election petition documents should also be filed directly with a Regional Office. You can find the address and telephone numbers for the Regional Offices on our Contacts page or call 1-800 449-3699.

Filing with the Board

  1. All documents filed with the Board must be sent to Efile@ALRB.ca.gov
  2. The file name of any document must be in the following format:
    – Year (followed by a dash) month (followed by a dash) day (followed by one space) followed by the name of the document from the caption on the face page of the document. For example, a document filed by email on March 12, 2016 would be named “2016-03-12 Respondent’s Exceptions to the Decision of the Administrative Law Judge”;
  3. The subject line of your email must state the case name and number, if one has been assigned. The case name generally will be the name of the respondent in an unfair labor practice case (i.e., the party against whom an unfair labor practice charge is filed). In other types of cases the name of a case typically will be the name of the agricultural employer involved. The subject line of the email also should include a description of the document being submitted;
  4. The filing party must “cc” all counsel and parties listed on the proof of service;
  5. The filer’s contact information must be outlined in the body of the email.

Once a party files a document with the Board, an automated response email will be sent to that party with the following language:

  • This is an automated response to advise you that the Agricultural Labor Relations Board (“ALRB”) has received your email. This email is computer-generated and sent out prior to staff reviewing or accepting your proposed e-filing submission.  You will receive another email by close of business confirming whether your proposed e-filing submission has been accepted.
  • Emails with proposed e-filings that are received after 4:00 p.m. are deemed received on the following business day.
  • Information about the e-filing process is available on the ALRB website.  If you have any questions regarding a specific e-filing, or about the e-filing process, please telephone the ALRB Executive Secretary’s Office at (916) 653-3741.

The updated regulatory language can be found by clicking here. The Office of Administrative Law (“OAL”) recently approved the Agricultural Labor Relations Board’s (“ALRB”) rulemaking file to adopt ALRB Regulation section 20169 (e-filing service) and amend Regulation sections 20170, 20234, 20240, 20241, 20242, 20282, 20286, 20363, 20400, 20401, 20402, 20407, 20408.  Pursuant to Section 20169, the Office of the Board will now accept electronic service or “e-filing” of documents via email when filing documents with the Board. A copy of the e-filing regulations along with the e-filing instructions and link can be found at the ALRB’s website at www.alrb.ca.gov. If you have any questions, please contact Executive Secretary Santiago Avila-Gomez at Santiago.Avila-Gomez@alrb.ca.gov.