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Questions and Answers

Get answers to commonly asked questions regarding your rights as an agricultural worker.


How do I know if my rights were violated?

Conflicts in the workplace can be stressful and confusing and may leave you in a situation where you don’t know if your rights have been violated.  

We encourage anyone who may be questioning their situation to contact one of our regional offices to discuss the circumstances and receive information confidentially.

Should I File a Claim?

If you feel that you have been mistreated and your rights have been violated at work you can call us or visit one of our offices to speak with an ALRB staff member. We will talk to you about your situation and provide you information. If appropriate, we will help you file a charge, or we may help connect you with another agency. It is your choice to file a claim.

How to File a Claim

The ALRB is here to help you. We offer confidential consultations, and the decision is yours whether you want to file a claim. If so, we will help you to do so.

What Should I Expect When I File a Claim?

A case can result in a complaint, dismissal, settlement or withdrawal. 

If after an investigation the General Counsel finds there is evidence the employer violated the law they may file a complaint (a legal document) with the Agricultural Labor Relations Board. Depending on how the employer responds the complaint may result in an administrative law hearing (a hearing is similar to a trial). 

If the General Counsel does not find evidence that the employer violated the law, they may dismiss the charge. Charging parties may appeal dismissal of a charge. 

Many charges result in a settlement between the parties. A settlement can happen at any point in the process such as during an investigation, after a complaint has been filed, during a hearing or after a hearing before a decision has been issued.

If a charging party wishes to withdraw a charge, they may submit such a request to the Regional Director.

Will I be at risk of retaliation if I file a claim?

It is against the law for employers to retaliate against you. We’ll work with you throughout the investigation to provide you support and assistance and if you are retaliated against as a result of filing a charge.

What are my rights or how can I support a union campaign?

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Contact Us

Get in touch with the ALRB through phone, email, visit our offices, or we can come to you. Your call is confidential.


Access essential pamphlets covering your rights and responsibilities as an agricultural worker. Learn about compliance, elections, unfair labor practices, and more.

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Do you have questions or need help?

Contact the ALRB to have your questions answered and to determine if you have a claim. Your immigration status does not matter.

¿Tiene preguntas o necesita ayuda?

Comuníquese con ALRB (La Ley Laboral) para que le respondan sus preguntas y poder determinar si tiene un reclamo. No importa su estatus migratorio.

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