Admin Orders 2020

Admin. Order NumberCase NameCase NumberOrder TypeIssuance Date
2020-01-PKing City Nursery, LLC2019-CE-040-SALOrder Denying Respondent's Appeal of Order Denying Petition to Revoke 1/9/20
2020-02Premiere Raspberries, LLC 2018-MMC-002Order Directing Employer Premiere Raspberries, LLC to Respond to Request for Board Enforcement of Mandatory Mediation and Conciliation Contract or Other Relief; Order Directing Supplemental Response for United Farm Workers of America1/28/20
2020-03Premiere Raspberries, LLC 2018-MMC-002Order Directing Parties to Provide Supplemental Reports re: Contract Implementation2/4/20
2020-04Premiere Raspberries, LLC2018-MMC-002Order Denying United Farm Workers of America's Requests Re: Mandatory Medication and Conciliation Contract3/6/20
2020-05-PPremiere Raspberries, LLC2018-CE-004-SALOrder Modifying Duration of Bargaining Makewhole Period3/6/20
2020-06Premiere Raspberries, LLC2018-CE-004-SALOrder Directing Parties to Submit Purported Settlement Agreement to the Regional Director for Approval3/24/2020
2020-07Premiere Raspberries, LLC2018-CE-004-SALOrder Reversing Executive Secretary's Order Denying Joint Request for an Extension of Time.3/25/2020
2020-08Premiere Raspberries, LLC2018-MMC-002Order Allowing Premiere Raspberries, LLC to Respond to United Farm Workers Of America's Motion For Reconsideration4/3/2020
2020-09Premiere Raspberries, LLC2018-CE-004-SALOrder Allowing Respondent Premiere Raspberries, LLC to Respond to Charging Party's Motion for Reconsideration4/3/2020